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Cab Cam – Mobile CCTV for your Cab or Taxi

CabCam is a CCTV package specially designed for use in cars. In its standard configuration it includes a single interior camera with night vision, an SD card recording system suitable for a few days of recording, and alarm inputs to monitor things such as brake lights, indicators, doors open/closed etc. Video files are encrypted and so are admissible as evidence in court.

What it does for you:
  • Improves security and reduces assault claims for both passengers and drivers
  • Reduces cash losses from “runners” and unaccounted cash transactions
  • Optional real-time GPS positioning feed tracks fleet location
Base specification:
  • 4 channel digital recording unit (Mini-1)
  • Vehicle mounting kit, cables, connectors
  • 16GB SD card for file storage
  • 1 internal video camera with night vision capability
  • 6 alarm sensing channels (for indicators, brakes, doors open, etc.)
  • Recording from 220 hours (normal quality, 12.5 fps, CIF resolution) to 50 hours (high quality, 25 fps, HD1 resolution) on 16GB
  • Secure encrypted file format (can only be played on authorised player for security)
  • No vehicle display required – available as an option if needed
Optional extras:
  • 32 GB SD card (doubles recording time from 16GB standard card)
  • Hard Disk caddy option (250GB drive records 15 times longer than the standard 16GB card)
  • GPS receiver to record vehicle location and speed
  • 3G real-time streaming option
  • Additional cameras for internal and external monitoring
  • Overlay mirror monitor (doubles as a rear-view mirror and CCTV monitor)
  • 5” or 7” LCD monitors for mounting on dash board and seats
  • External LED IR lighting for darkened areas of the vehicle
  • Installation and field support service from authorised and trained engineers
Taxi CCTV Protection

Cab Camera
CCTV System
  • In-car CCTV system
  • Protection for drivers and passengers
  • Ideal for cash handling operations
  • Prevent assaults

Video Mobility
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